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Dr Jean-Yves Guillemaut

Senior Lecturer in 3D Computer Vision
CVSSP Postgraduate Research Director
Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing (CVSSP)
School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering
University of Surrey


Research interests

My research interests include computer vision, 3D reconstruction, computational photography, VR, AR, free-viewpoint video, AI and deep learning.

My research centres on scene modelling from multi-view video input, with a focus on complex dynamic scenes. In particular I am looking at how to generalise modelling to scenes with complex surface reflectance properties (e.g. glossy materials), and how to extend modelling to uncontrolled outdoor environments. I have undertaken many research projects in collaboration with industry to develop applications for the creative sector. Examples of applications of my research include free-viewpoint video, AR, VR and immersive content production.

To date, my area of research has resulted in the introduction of robust methods for outdoor scene modelling from a small number of cameras and novel algorithms for the reconstruction of scenes with arbitrary unknown reflectance properties. Applications have been investigated as part of a stream of collaborative research projects with major companies from the creative industry sector (BBC, Foundry, Double Negative, Framestore, etc). This has the potential to open new applications in other disciplines requiring accurate scene modelling and understanding (e.g. in robotics, healthcare, cultural heritage).

In the future I would like to explore how new acquisition techniques such as lightfield imaging, and deep learning, can be leveraged to remove current constraints, enabling us to model live action scenes ‘in the wild’ from a small number of cameras.

Research projects



PhD research supervision

I am currently supervising 4 PhD students (3 as principal supervisor, 1 as co-supervisor). If you are interested in doing a PhD in one of my research areas, please contact me to make an informal enquiry.

Updated: June 1, 2023