Homepage of Denis Erkal

Homepage of Denis Erkal

Contact Info:

Denis Erkal, Reader/Associate Professor
University of Surrey

Department of Physics, 12 BC 03
University of Surrey, GU2 7XH
Office: 12 BC 03 Phone: +44 (01483) 686990
Email: d.erkal at surrey.ac.uk

Research Interests:

Near field cosmology
Stellar streams
Galactic dynamics
Galaxy formation

Research Publications:

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Press releases, cool images, and videos:

Orbits of dwarfs in the Milky Way here
Tidal stream in M104 here
Black holes in the Palomar 5 stream press release here and images here
Phoenix Stream here
The Gaia Sausage here
Discovery of a nearby 1700 km/s star ejected from the Galactic Center here
Discovery of perturbations to the Pal 5 tidal stream here
Discovery of debris around the LMC with Gaia here
Effect of LMC on the Orphan stream here

Public talks:

How Clumpy is the Dark Matter in the Millky Way? [Slides]
Ancient Greek Astronomy: The Distance to the Moon and the Sun [Slides]
Galaxy Formation and the Milky Way [Slides]
The Universe is smaller than you think [Slides]
Who/why/where/what is Dark Matter? [Slides]
How to weigh the Milky Way [Slides]
DART - This one's for the dinosaurs! [Slides]

Cool movies:

via YouTube

Amateur Astronomy:

Some photos from before I turned professional via flickr
Some photos of the night sky also via flickr